Indian Motocycle

The Iron Redskin

klikk for å bytte språkIndian Motocycles was  a producer  of fine motorcycles  since 1901. The early Indian motorcycles were advanced and the famous Indian Power Plus had a large displacement,  reliable engine. It even had front and rear springing, an unusual detail of their time. In the late teens the Indian Power Plus passed th Excelsior as the world's most produced model .   The producing company changed hands a few times  before it  finally gave up in 1953.  There has beeen  some attempts at reviving the brand name but these struggles has  mostly been to the benefit of American lawyers.  Now for two years there has been an American company  who produce  a new Vee twin they claim will be in the true "Indian" Spirit. Most Indian afilliates look upon this newcomer with sceptisism. In adition there is  production of "Indian" bikes  in Germany,   Sweden, England  and Australia . 
My history with Indians began when a friend of mine sadly got divorced and had to move house. I was a "Harley-man" at the time and was offered some Harley bits he had to get rid of.  In the storage  he had, I also saw some strange old two stroke parts, and I was offered  the beginning of a couple of exciting old Cleveland  motorcycles. When we agreed on these bits too, my friend decided I also had to take the rest of what was in this storage, an Indian Scout.To get the deal settled I even had to take along the storage itself , an old split screen greenVolkswagon van (loaf). I  later swapped the underpowered  VW van for a rolling Zündapp chassis.

This added aqiusition into the obscure world of red motorcycles has certainly evolved since then. Maybe my fascination of Harleys has been somewhat  hampered by the tint the typcial  Hd bikers has added to the image of The Milwaukee brand. Thus the Indian, "the other Vee-twin" has  grown  in my appreciation.

To restore or not to restore, that is the question.

It appears that this first Scout  i bought; was a 1923 and, as it appeared with time; has a close history to another Scout I got hold of later, a 1936 Standard Scout. See how it looks It wasnt until I got the 1936 750 cc home that I learnt this. Both bikes are original and one wonders if and how they should be

kept running Two original motorcykles that once belonged to the same owner, but not at the same time
A bike can only be original once, but restoration can be done many times
I have learnt a lot about the early Indian the very hard way as I took on restoration of  an Indian Power Plus from the time when Indian was the largest  motorcycle  producer  in the world. The 1919 Indian power plus is a beautiful machine when restored to its former glory, but I reckon there are few old bikes around that has so many parts.

Having done so much work on other peoples old Indians , tackling my own will be just fun. These old motorcycles were true works of art i at the same time as they provided comfortable transportation

The Indian Power Plus had leaf springing both front and rear, something that was abandoned on later Indians.

And at last some major parts has arrived lately to make it possible to start looking into the ultimate Indian, the younger relative of the early Henderson and the Ace.
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