The Indian 1936 Standard Scout

original second owner condition

With a story like this one, it is worth keeping original,

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  The whole motorcykle left side. All of the bike has been covered with a drying,industrial quality rust protective oil, to stop surface rust from increasing and protect the remaining paintwork.   The bike is as found, dents and all. The double pinstriping is 1.8mm-2.2mm wide, runs some places as close as 2.5 mm apart and other places with 3.3mm distance. Click the picture to get more details on the front fender  

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  The motorcykle front fender left side. There are three double rows of narrow gold stripes along the front fenders. These stripes are approximately 2 mm wide and spaced approx 2.8mm apart.   The stripes along the edges of fenders and side skirts are probably meant to run some 3/8" from the edge. In reality the distance somewhere is as small as 8 mm and in other places as large as 11.5mm  

Check front fender details
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  The tank really is ivory with red sidepanels. The panels are decorated with gold leaf tincture lines applied with a brush.   This picture of the insides also show a repairing method I prefer, opening it up at the inside to repair from the inside with a soldering iron - gentle heat, no damage to the outside.  

Check front tank striping details
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  The distance between the parallell stripes in the "vee" on top ofthe rear of the tank are 11 mm to 11.7mm, maybe meant to be 7/16"?   The four stripes vary between 6.5mm as the narrowest and at some places they are as much as 9.5mm wide, Maybe they were meant to be 5/16"  

And here is the rear end
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  Lines on the rear fender and the chainguard follows the same widths and spacings as on the front fender.   At the opening rear part of the rear fender the lines cross the split and continue "unbroken" on the other part.  

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