the Windmill

Rheinland Pfalz


The driving on the first day started well. A fine ride on quiet roads through a landscape of wine farms
Sunday brought new opportunities, starting with a cold engine and a timed departure, otherwise lost points. Some of the roads were just for transports.
First stop on Sunday at a winery where we were served coffee and got to see some of the others in a fine setting
Long break with a warm lunch in a village where everybody was out to see and enjoy "schnitzel und bier" with the the old bikes and the contestants.
Big British
Even the odd American bike...
Participating in an event like "the Windmill Trophy" with your own vehicle, one isn't able to see all. Not even enough memory in the camera for all the pictures. So very hospitable by the organiser who shows all the results and even provided an internet album with 160 phots

Next Windmill trophy:
Prior to the 2006 Windmill in the south of Sweden there are two "warm-up" rallies in Scleswig Holstein in the North of Germany. These three rallies should make for a pleasant one week motorcycling in the north of Europe

Grand Opening

Official picture by the photographer of the event while the national anthem was played by a great band

NVMC had a National B-team
Rolf Vold Progress 1902
Arnt Grø, NSU 1920
(Myself)who rode my old Henderson
Sten Lunde chairman of NVMC,
Bent Granberg, HD 1930
Tor Klufterud, on the board of NVMC styre

I have learnt a lot...

I could only enjoy the fine roads and villages for 30 km. Then Henderson started misfiring
I got off the course and ran with the bike in an alley for an hour.
Good excercise. .
After three carburettor overhauls so much time was lost that I called for "Abholung".
Parts of the rally course was timed. The rally was clearly marked.- Round red meant right, square meant left and a triangle meant straight on.
Reaching the finish line was a treat.
- We were called to the stage to get a prize!
- Rewarding
My motorcykle was the trusty Klikk for å se
  klikk for norskFor me the trip became 1778 km from home to Osthofen. At the NVMC club house I got to pick up bikes and a co-driver and we all drove two Mercedes Sprinter 3600 km in four passes. The cars could also be used for accomodations. At ten o'clock all 165 lined up for start and two by two left every minute. In a large event such as this the earliest are off and away before the late even have their bikes unloaded. One doesn't see much of each other until the afternoons.
Henderson is a bit ashamed, even if it was the rider who ordered a full tank for the first time in twenty years. Lots of good advice was received and the petrol was sieved thoroughly before a fresh start the next day.
(bottom:) More than 100 year old, not particularly driveable, but it works!
Even mental pictures from stops like this are stored..

Treasure hunt with a camera!