A car to drive.....
My first MG

Busily twowheeling around I found on passing the different fourwheeled boxes that the guys driving MGBs seemed to have a lot of fun.
So if I would want to go more comfortably, it would have to be something else British and from the sixties.

The only way to get hold of an MGB where the steering wheel is situated were you want it, is to buy it from USA.

I kept searching the ebay and finally made the highest bid for a good looking blue 1969 roadster from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Extensive E-Mailing secured a Swedish company Nordtrafik of Gothenburg to assist me professionally with the home transporting. Fetching the car in Sweden with Thomas of Nordtrafik enabled me to get the car home and take care of all customs handling myself.

The car looked very good!

Everything was there. - almost! I had to establish a connection to Moss Motors to get the necessary lamps, brake parts, top fasteners.

Coming from Florida the car also needed som parts and work to get the heater and defroster mounted and working

After making the car roadworthy and driveable it was to leave the borrowed space at my work and make the tour to our garage at home.

But the electrics on the car left a lot to be desired for reliability

A totally new system would have to be installed

Driving my first MGB.

Before looking into the electrics and also the need for some rust fixing, the car was out for a spin in the chill of the autmn

We had tried it and really liked it!

After taking the car home the dashboard came off and some really rusty areas revealed underneath were repaired,

A new electric system was ordererd from AUTO Sparks in Sandiacre, Nottingham UK.

I have learned some of the secrets of Lucas' electrics the easy way. - Quite interesting...

Sliding in and out underneath the car, behind the dasboard and into every corner of this car, I discovered that it, probably like any ex east coast US MGB, had had repairs done to it.

Not good work

Some of this would have to be done all over again for the car to be called reliable.

All spring and half the summer went and all I had managed was to repair some rust and discover the deeper secrets of Joseph Lucas' ways with electricity in motorised vehicles.

Then my daughters friend claimed he would have much more fun from this shiny blue MGB and HE didn't mind at all the inherent problems in its 1969 + + bodywork

So I sold him the 1969 blue MGB. I knew I wanted a slightly older one. It had to be either a good one from the west in the USA if I won the lottery, or an untouched cheap one where I myself could do the restorations from ground up.I had to look for another MGB

I had to find another MGB