A car to drive.....
My last MG

One disadvantage of buying a car and paying in full and then "selling"it by installments is that your capital has been used when you need it for the next project.Thus the new MGB for my drivers car project have to be bought in instalments too

Finding an unrestored, untouched and CHEAP pre 69 MGB meant some disadvantages to be taken along too

After some searching and writing I found it on the ebay and bought it on the 24th of May

Buddy had warned me that the car would be very hard to restore, lots of hard work

On the MG forum someone had tipped my favourite MG newsgroup about an "MGB up for spares" in New Hampshire, so unlucky for me as I got lots of competition

After some careful explanations, Buddy, agreed to sell it. After lots of searching and negotiating over the net, I found a car transporting company who took on the transportation of the car from New Hampshire to Newark NJ to a freight forwarder where Nordtrafik again took over.

It took until the 19th of September before I could go to Sweden to pick up my car.

I was very anxious to get to see what I had bought for only 616 US dollars

Lots of thoughts, negative and positive fly through one's mind.

Having paid the car, the car transporting company and the sea transport...
Now is the moment of truth!

Here at last is the proof of my madness. Nice to be alone.

Then again: It is'nt all that bad! Many sound panels- and plenty of nice period details, often so very hard to find!

Closer inspection:

Buddy has secured everything like we agreed, strange how fast tape deteriorates at sea.

Can not open the hood, wire is stuck and needs lubrication, not brutal force. Leave that until later.

The boot was filled with heavy items though, like expected, nice!

Strange how really low the MGB is! Tow hitch stuck!

I will have to straighten the car trailer when I get back home

Nice proportions, low and wide

All the loose items go in the van, some fresh Silver Racer's Tape on strategic places, the car is properly secured and its straight to the Norwegian border. One week Customs Pass to recuperate ecomomically and clean it up just enough to make the declaration. - Maybe if the Customs will feel sorry for me.....

When the car came to the car workshop at my job, I got to have a very close look at every detail and I am getting convinced this is a good basis for a total restoration of a 1966 MGB to drive.

Many panels will have to be exchanged and all are readily available

Welding in new panels are pretty straight forward jobs. I got the space, the tools and probably also the skills.

But have I got the time?

A totally new body is available from British Heritage and whole body sections are also ready and available from several sources.

Earlier I have despicably spoken about "Wallet restorers" who used their well filled wallets and addressbooks to get a motorcycle restored

I'll keep using the net, and see how my Virtual MGB will become real through internet restoring

Look what is happening to it

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