klikk for norskMy old Henderson was restored back in 1973 and together we have participated in many events. This dinosaur from the early age of motorcycling catches attention wherever I bring it. I enjoy that people claims they have never seen..     they ask..     and they want to know. An early motorcycle from USA, it is no longer beautiful and quite a handful to ride. It is always exciting to take it to a rally.

After more than a 1200km drive from home and on the road from 6AM, it is long since dark when we arrive at Ibbenbüren. Seeing how  B I G   this event is , it is relieving to have someone to phone to in the campsite who then guides us by foot to our space in the darkness.

"Ein kalltes Bier" as a welcome.

Conversations get going and forgotten is the fact that one should really have slept. It is only the next morning one becomes aware of how much people and bikes there really are.

 First thing in the morning is to check in and then the TÜV.

Scrutineering is simply a check for safety.

Approval is shown with a sticker on the number plate

Official opening of the event with riders from 13 countries present, and as sole rider from Norway I get to hoist the flag while the national anthem is played, -strange feeling!

Saturday made for a short trip of some 40 km through some villages. With a starting field of 440 this takes time even if 5 are sent out at a time.

Starting as number 330, there was ample time to look at other bikes, talk to old acquaintances and get to understand the event.

The Ibbenbüren rally celebrates its 25th anniversary and has many ways that are new to a first-time runner..

Taking pictures on the run with a camera in the pockets of a Rukka suit while manipulating a 1916 Henderson on narrow roads calls for serious attention.
The route was very nice once you were out in the countryside..
Some of the bikes gathered behind the inn while the riders were having a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
A similar group was parked up front and some still on the roads, impressive!
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In the end of the return, the rally was lead into the town centre of Ippenbüren, where we got lunch and another opportunity to enjoy the others and a band.
In the afternoon after a comfortable break, there came the reliability run. This was a separate competition within the event. The riders should cover 5 rounds on a sporting track at a pre-chosen speed.

Groups of five riders and their bikes were presented and the band played.

The run for 2000 metres could be made on the same bike used for the road run or another. This competition is primarily an opportunity for owners of really old motorcycles to show and ride their bikes if these are not suitable for modern road use.

In the evening a spectacular show is arranged riding slalom in the light of an illuminated helium balloon held in place over a gravel field.

Bikers with lights or no lights, raced the track set between cones.

It was impressive how the big combinations made it on the track and they got due applause.

All evening the balloon kept the camp site illuminated.

 Old Henderson once again had stated that riding in urban areas with their traffic lights and frequent stops became too much. The bike overheats and the clutch drags and wants to go. At the same time the ride is too slow and things rattle. Then the ride opens up again and we are pleased.

After one "Full Stop" crossing with a long wait we get a vapour lock - all power lost. With the new start I discover the kick-starter is gone! This is the third kicker pedal crank I have made! One push and we're off anyway.

Further into the run, after the coffee break, the engine develops a more South American rhythm, and a quick look tells me rocker arm on cylinder number two were doing its own dance, more around and around than up and down. The rocker arm fixture was broken. We're not chicken and continue on three cylinders.

Safely back at the camp site it is discovered that the pushrod is gone too. That is a loss!

During the price presentations for the reliability event, lost parts were broadcasted, whereupon a nice Dutch who had found one strange gadget, was accompanied to a very happy owner of a Henderson and the pushrod was reunited with its dinosaur.

Henderson had had too much again. Since the great run on Sunday were to go into old Osnabrück with its narrow streets and traffic no attempts of repair were made.

That is not a suitable route for this machine.

We gave up before anything serious was broken, and set off home once we had seen the contestants off on the Sunday 100 km run.

Next time Henderson may very well come along to Ibbenbüren, but then only for the "Gleichmessigkeit". In German traffic brakes, a neutral and the ability of running slowly is needed to have more fun.

In the end I would also like to apologize for "shooting" a stop sign past the patiently awaiting other riders apparently scaring them stiff. - I did not expect Henderson to start again if I had got a stop there. I deserved the mouthful I got.

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