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One vain attempt atHOT RODS (in Norway of course )
This is the way it sort of ended:
				with 34 Ford Roadster body and Chevy 283
Here I was just trying to impress my future father-in-law as we took the real Hot Rod made by a friend of mine in Oslo for a spin. This one really could spin!                If you want to know more, read on
Riding my 150 cc Vespa the 100km back to my college after a weekend at home in 1968, I found a 1933 Ford Tudor abandonded by the roadside. It appeared the owner and his girlfriend had tried to drive it to the local opening of the movie "Bonnie and Clyde" and during this drive the car had expired dramatically with a con rod out the side of its 4 cylinder engine. I managed to search him up, bought the wreck and was told about a gang gathering around US car projects in Oslo from time to time talking about Hot Rods and looking at garage projects.

So being promised to borrow some space at fiance's grandfathers farm, this broken Ford should become a proper Custom Street Rod Two Door Sedan. Planning begins.....

1933 Ford two door Sedan Danish assembled with a four cylinder 
It was a cold last winter at teacher's college.

I was allowed by my landlord at college to park the project car just below my window where I also kept my daily transport. The Vespa started willingly and brought me the 5 kilometres to school all through winter even in minus 33C.

. Summer was used to make a ramp, get a good look at the project and start separating parts, planning work . The body was lifted and brought to my fathers garage in town where I could work indoors.

Frame had some rust and I managed to get the frame delivered at an adult education course held locally, a job training program where they under leadership of a retired car mechanic of the old school, took it completely apart, repaired it, got the parts hot galvanized and then rivetted the frame together again in a straightening jig.

I also had the springs reworked at a truck spring company which rehammered the springs lowering the car some 2inches, proper Hot Rod fashion.

Friends borrowing their fathers equipment, made disassembly and separating body from frame and transport an easy job.
Bodylift the rural way
This takes a couple of years while me and fiancee find ourself a flat, rent a garage, and buy a car, .My newly won friend,who earlier had sold me the Ford, had a self made Abarth replika Fiat 600, - so ME TOO! It was easy to tune; lots of fun, and I could do club meets at NOR-WAY Customs, learn more from those who really knew
The president of the club Per Arne Knutsen took very good care of us, bringing together different characters like "Lightning", "T-Bird", "Double" etc, I was the teacher or was it he with the Fiat?. We met sometimes in workshops or Per Arnes flat in Alnafet gate and sometimes in kindergardens near Ekeberg, because two of the guys had girlfriends who worked in those kindergardens and they were for loan in the evenings. Funny looks us Motorheads sitting on tiny toddler chairs talking about V8s and horsepower.

Lots of stories could be told .....

Per Arne had finished his own 1934 Roadster build with its welded doors on a 1936 chassis. It had a hopped-up Chevrolet 283" motor hooked to a three speed gear box Front and rear end were '48 Ford because this meant "juice brakes". Per Arne had tried in vain to get the car approved for legal road use by the MOT in Oslo. The man on the job, Neslein, so awkward he even had changed his name to spell it backwards

It was decided that I who live in the countryside should "buy" the car and have it approved in our little town, -Inspections men so far into the forest might be easier... I had the roadster for three legendary days, even broke it and had it repaired before I handed it ower to two sinister men in uniform who disappeared with it for three quarters of an hour. They returned and showed me the test sheet, a negative mark in every field: "So that I shouldn't bother to try again...."

Per Arne fetched the roadser again and we all knew it was over. My last meeting was in a yard at Ekeberg where we inspected a Mercedes taxi which had transplanted in a Buick V8 , and we all agreed it sounded much better. In their lower garden there I spotted some junk.. -What it was? -An old Harley.... -I could have if I wanted.They were going to bury it the next day so I would have to take it now.
I took the Harley Davison home inside and on the roof of my Fiat 600 and knew my interest in Hot Rods in Norway had died. Some ofthe others in NOR-WAY Customs also set off in other directions, Lighnting later founded the NFSOK which later by sheer mathematics were able to prove that Hot Rods could be built safe enough, Kalle started what became "One-percenters Norway" which later became "Bandidos MC", Ola Hegseth started Early Ford V8 club of Norway -Those stories are for others to tell, I found that original veteran motorcycles might be fun, they were technical, and there were room for many more in the same space. Government couldn't stop their legal road use if they were original? So one year later in 1973 I founded what was to become the Norwegian veteran Motorcycle Club
The car ?         - One became married, a tiny flat in town and a large rented garage was inappropriate, so we bought a house in the country, but without garage, to   to take on family life and old motorcycles. The Ford was sold to one who wanted to create a vintage car of it, then rather to make money on it. so it was sold on as a parts car, then on again and by what I understand it is now a '34 5 window coupe in Sweden.
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